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Ready to go beyond your perceived limitations; to find your "YES"? If you are feeling resigned, frustrated, discouraged, or that you never have time to put yourself first, you are in the right place for change!

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You are in the right place if you're ready to stop talking
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Step into your unique, well lived life with passion, power, purpose & playfulness. Exchange struggle for ease!  You will easily clarify how to create more of what you desire, or, as Leslie did--tweak pain into passion and get moving onward! Leslie is a uniquely qualified, lifestyle catalyst and solutions professional who questions, prods, pushes, pulls, removes the struggle and supports you into your well lived life! YES!

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  • Transition with ease & support
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  • Create time/space for pursuing your dreams

Life Coach Leslie Gebhart, M.A. your Positive Solutions Professional, supports you past perceived blocks connecting your passion, power, purpose, perceptions and playfulness to your YES. A certified coach from an accredited academy and member of the ICF, Leslie is also a published coauthor (Have You Ever Been A Child? PRIVATE, Keep Out! and The Not-so-Scary Breast Cancer Book), workshop facilitator, speaker, teleclass leader and playful, professional partner who takes the business of a joyful life very seriously.

She says, "I love to support you to find your own positive solutions & to design your ideal, well lived life in order that, each night, when you put your head on the pillow, you smile about your day. It's such a good feeling when you can say, 'YES' to the abundance all around."

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Some rave reviews aka what others are saying:

"Leslie, the restoration of hope and a glimpse of what's possible is all anyone really needs, and you provided it beautifully with irresistible logic and pleasantly directed dialogue. Thank you!" S.C. www.scottcole.com 

"Wow, it just never occurred to me that everything I've experienced is so perfect to get me where I am now ready to really be on purpose with my Yes and my No?.thanks, Coach! I learned so much from you!" ~ B. T.

"I sold the painting! I have no words to tell you how much that meant. Thank you for knowing even before I knew." ~ R. G.

"Thanks to Life Coach Leslie, I can now better define myself and what I know. My gratitude to you for helping me become more of who I am and tap into my courage to start this fabulous new career!" ~ B.B. www.widowsjournal.com

"Leslie Gebhart was my very first experience working with a Life Coach. She had a profound effect upon me as she introduced me to the wonderful world of coaching, both on a personal and professional basis. Her support, good humor and brilliant, on-the-mark feedback, all done with the utmost of compassion, moved me forward beyond where I had stopped myself before. I am ever grateful for the time spent with Leslie and welcome the opportunity to recommend her to others." N.J. www.accountablecoaching.com

"The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind!"
                                      -- William James

What else is Leslie doing? Details can be found at www.lesliegebhart.com


Coaching to support your Well Lived Life,
connecting your dreams to a plan.

Leslie Gebhart, M.A.
Mobile:  760.218.8865

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